Take Care of Action Figures

How To Take Care of Your Action Figures

For action figure lovers, the collection they have is a treasure that should not be ignored let alone be damaged. That’s why care for action figures must be done properly to avoid damage.

Unfortunately, there are many action-figure owners who rarely take good care of them and can only buy them. Even though there are lots of products such as Gojo Satoru or Naruto action figures they are known to be quite rare and must be cared for properly.

If you’re starting to collect action figures and don’t want this treasure trove to spoil, it’s a good idea to do a few things that will be discussed in this article. That way, the risk of getting damaged or even lost will be low.

Don’t Expose to Direct Sunlight

Try to avoid direct sunlight. Because if it is exposed to direct sunlight, the action figure will usually experience damage to the color part. Usually, the color will experience playback.

Some parts that are very light in color can become very blurry or even turn black. That is why it is recommended to always put it in a cupboard or in a closed room.

Apart from the loss of the original color on the action figure. There are also other problems such as the appearance of porous action figure material that will be used later. This can happen because sunlight causes damage to the material.

Keep it in the container

Some people prefer to take action figures out of their containers or packing boxes. But there are also those who prefer to keep it in the container when storing.

If stored in a neatly closed cupboard there may be no problem if taken out. However, if it is placed on a table or cupboard, it is better to still put it in the container first.

When placed in a container or in a closed place it is usually safer from dust. So you also won’t need to do the cleaning process continuously. Because this product if often held can also be damaged.

Put it in the wardrobe

Try to put it in a cupboard rather than on a table or something. If you already have a special cupboard, it’s better to put all the action figures in it. After that, it can be closed neatly.

When placed in the cupboard, to enjoy, it can be seen directly from the outside. So try to make cabinets where most of the components are made of glass so they can be seen through.

In this way, the action figure does not have to be held all the time when you want to play it. Besides that, using a glass cabinet will also make it easier to show off your collection.

Pay Attention to Humidity

Pay attention to the humidity of the cupboard or storage area of the action figure. Because the humidity is too high, it can cause the action figures to become moldy or damaged.

Why is it usually always ventilated or a place to avoid humidity that is too high? By doing this, the effectiveness of what is stored will be safer so that damage can be prevented.

If necessary, a special place can be provided. So that place can carry out the process of controlling the humidity so that can avoid damage.

Clean Regularly

Pay attention to the humidity of the cupboard or storage area of the action figure

It’s a good idea to clean it regularly, at least once a month. If placed on the outside, then cleaning must be done at least once a week.

With this cleaning, the risk of damage or adhering dirt will be smaller. But always pay attention to the cleaning process so that it is not done carelessly.

Always avoid using special shampoos or detergents for cleaning. If this is done, it is likely to cause damage to the color or material of the action figure.

Keep away from Children

The thing that is actually very important and should not be ignored is to keep action figures away from children. By keeping it away the risk of getting damaged will also be smaller.

Because it is well known that the use of action figures in children is usually not done properly. Brother could experience eye or other damage.

Read the Manual

The last thing to pay attention to if you want to care for action figures is to read the manual first. Usually, action figures that are a bit more expensive will have a manual and a list of things to do.

For example, how to do maintenance on action figures to avoid damage. If this is the case, you really need to pay close attention so that the treatment process for the action figure can run smoothly.

Because usually, the material used for action figures will vary. So the way to do the treatment will also be different. If it’s wrong to do maintenance can cause damage.

It turns out that taking care of action figures cannot be done haphazardly, especially since there are many things that cannot be modified or repaired. So, do everything well and make sure nothing gets damaged.

If you feel you can do all that has been discussed above, get the best action figure by using a marketplace like eBay. There are lots of collections that can be obtained, including Gojo Satoru, Naruto, or One Piece.