Play Arts Kai Sephiroth

5 Play Arts Figures with Stunning Details

Square Enix through its subsidiary, Play Arts, always looks stunning with their various works. If you are hunting for Play Arts figures filled with stunning details, these five figures must be included in your choice and collection. Anything?

1. Play Arts Kai Sephiroth is Equipped with a Detailed Design

 Kai Sephiroth Anime Figure

Sephiroth is a frightening figure and is the main antagonist in Squaresoft’s RPG game, Final Fantasy VII. Apart from Final Fantasy, he has also appeared in other games such as Ehrgeiz, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II and Itadaki Street Special.

Overall, the design of this action figure is stunning, especially in terms of the meticulous details that make Kai Sephiroth’s Play Arts very real. The resemblance to the original characters in the game Final Fantasy VII is very pronounced. The paint finish is very neat and does not fade easily.

Furthermore, the most interesting thing about Kai Sephiroth’s Play Arts is the very realistic wings and hair designs with stunning details, coupled with accessories and clothing that are designed with a high degree of precision.

2. Play Arts Kai Hatsune Miku: The Diva with an American style

Play Arts Kai Hatsune Miku

In this Play Arts design, Hatsune Miku is made realistically and presented in Tetsuya Nomura’s signature style. Working with Tetsuya Nomura in this project, Play Arts Hatsune Miku has succeeded in attracting the attention of the public.

Especially in creating a cute and adorable impression from the typical high school uniforms in Japan. Not only that, her signature ponytail hairstyle also enhances this figure.

Apart from clothing, accessories, another interesting thing is the cheerful facial expressions, which are enlivened by sparkling eyes that add to the impression of an energetic young person.

For display purposes, this product is also equipped with a display stand and movable hand parts and accessories that can be removed and attached according to taste.

3. Play Arts Kai Snake Displays a Fierce Impression

Play Arts Kai Snake Displays a Fierce Impression

Solid Snake is a tough protagonist whose real name is David. He is the main character of the game Metal Gear Solid which has been released since 1987.

Solid Snake gets the nickname “the Man Who Makes the Impossible Possible”, which means that he is a figure who has a myriad of tactics to overcome difficult missions and is also a legend in Black Ops operations.

Starting from head to toe, it looks very similar to the original character in the game. This proves that Play Arts Kai Snake was made very carefully and with the dexterous hands of factory employees who have experience in making thousands or even millions of products.

This Play Arts Snake figure also has a realistic appearance. This can be seen from the description of facial expressions, color selection, to the costumes worn. The almost perfect paint finish makes this figure a shame not to be missed. Moreover, the quality of the materials and constituent materials can be taken into account, and the finishing paint of the surface of the figures is durable and does not fade easily.

4. Play Arts Kai Venom Presents a Scary Impression

Play Arts Kai Venom

You can find the detailed and charming finishing that characterizes the quality of Play Arts Kai products in this Play Arts Kai Venom. The frightening impression must have been firmly attached to the first impression when seeing or touching this product.

The quality of materials used in the manufacturing process are of high quality and do not produce volatile hazardous chemicals so they are safe to hold.

Play Arts Venom is equipped with a sophisticated articulation system so that it can be assembled according to the wishes and needs of the user. The fine details are a plus point, especially in the selection of mature colors and display a realistic impression.

5. Play Arts Kai Dirge Of Cerberus has a Very High Level of Detail

Play Arts Kai Dirge Of Cerberus

Still from the Final Fantasy series, Play Arts with the last stunning detail is taken from the main character in the game Final Fantasy VII: Dirge Of Cerberus.

The details presented at Play Arts are truly stunning. The hair and robe parts are parts that have a very high level of detail and of course stunning.

The combination of red on the robe, black on the shirt, pants and hair, as well as the gold color on the shoes, makes Play Arts Kai Dirge Of Cerberus overall very attractive and thick with artistic nuances.

So, out of these five Play Arts figures, which one is your favorite?