This is The Value of The Shirley Temple Doll Collection

You surely know that this Shirley Temple doll is famous for its quantity if you are a doll lover and collector. If you want to get it, of course, you have to spend quite a lot of money and depending on the year and condition.

The charming and adorable Shirley Temple is a symbol of hope around the dark and despairing days around the Great Depression. The child actress has the No. 1 box office hit flow — 1 in the 1930s.

In October 1934, Ideal Toy Corporation submitted a patent application and a retail industry magazine – Playthings officially mentioned the Shirley doll to be marketed. The most popular and best-selling version is composition dolls, although there are variants of dolls produced.

Different varieties

This Shirley Temple doll is made of wood dust and glued together. This method is used to create and arrange the head and limbs of the doll. And this method was also used from the 1920s to the 1950s. The dolls have the most revealing smiles and the most valuable red, blonde, and curly hair color options. These dolls ranged in size from 11 inches to 27 inches and sold best when they were new.

The next version of the Shirley Temple doll was created in a vinyl version by Ideal. The vinyl version created in 1957 is the most expected by all collectors. Some of these dolls were created up to as high as 3 feet. This is a “playpal” variety.

In the 1990s, porcelain dolls created to resemble sculptures were marketed as collections. Bait likeness has also been created into a paper doll many times.

Although dolls have been produced since the 1930s, there are many gaps in production, belonging to the 1960s and 70s.

Doll Value

Dolls produced in the 1930s want to go crazy and crack when they are not saved properly, so they are only dolls that are in prime condition to mint that carry the highest value. Even rare or unusual clothing with original dolls can add a good amount to overall value.

Only a doll with a mint situation in the original box can be sold for an equivalent of $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 because the rarer varieties are like Shirley baby dolls.

Vinyl Shirley Temple in 1957 did not sell fewer dolls than Shirley dolls from the early 1970s, the price of dolls in 1957 on average could reach $ 100. The price of dolls was also seen in size, clothing, conditions determining price differences, and completeness of the box. Shirley Temple vinyl dolls that were relaunched in 1982 are generally marketed for not enough than $ 25 even if mint is in the box.

Danbury Mint porcelain dolls from 1990 were re-marketed with prices ranging from $ 10 to $ 150.


The very famous company that manufactures Shirley Temple dolls is Ideal. The ideal of producing puppets from the 1930s until the company came out of business in the early 1970s. Danbury Mint makes most porcelain versions of collectible dolls.

Shirley Temple Collectors Club

In 1960, the first Shirley Temple Collector Club was founded. From the 60s to the 80s, new Shirley Temple dolls were orderly distributed by companies like Montgomery Ward and Danbury Mint, aimed specifically at nostalgic adult collectors.