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Doll Claw Machine and Capit Duit Online

Who doesn’t know the Claw Machine, aka a fishing rod or doll’s claw? This game is so exciting, and nowadays it’s not only children who like to play with fishing dolls but also adults. Many end up addicted and spend a lot of money just to play fishing dolls. Even now, there have been many YouTubers whose content focuses on doll claws in various parts of the world.

To make it more interesting, claw machine providers are now even more creative in giving prizes. Not only dolls, but there are also various toys, food, watches, fashion glasses, and electronic goods. Some provide cellphones, luxury jewelry, and gold bars to living creatures such as lobsters or crabs. Of course, this will increasingly challenge us to win in this game.

Many say that this game is just hockey or luck. But, are you sure it’s just a matter of luck? But, in addition to needing luck, it turns out that we also need qualified skills to conquer the claw machine.

Getting to know the Drop Skill on the Claw Machine

In the past, doll claw machines only provided us with two buttons: forward and right. Furthermore, each button can only be pressed once. In a machine like this, the ability to analyze the position of the doll and the accuracy we place the claws on are the determinants of profit and loss for the claw machine provider. But now, doll claw machines are equipped with joysticks that can be controlled at will while playing. However, in fact, in the doll claw machine game is even more difficult to get prizes.

This is because modern claw machines are equipped with an ability called drop skill. So relying on the accuracy of claw placement or analysis of prize positions will not be enough for us to get prizes. Now we also have to know the character of the claw machine that will be played.

Drop skill is a term commonly used to control the ability of the claws on a claw machine. The skill drop can be adjusted in such a way by the claw machine operators to avoid losses. So no matter how great you play, don’t expect you to “bankrupt” the claw machine operator.

The current drop skill settings are also very varied. Starting from weak claws when lifting gifts to suddenly weak claws in the middle of the road so that the prize falls when lifted or on the way. With such a combination that looks natural, it will certainly make you more curious and want to keep trying. And the more the machine is played, the greater the profit for the claw machine operator. However, you don’t need to worry because claw machine operators will likely not set the machine to be weak all the time. Because if this is done, of course, the machine will be abandoned, and no one will want to use it.

Puppet Claw Machine Strategy

There are certain times when the claws will function normally and strong. For example, the nine claws will function normally and strong, then after the claw machine is used eight times, the nine claws will function normally and strong and so on or random patterns like 4-11 -20, which means that the claw will be strong on the 4th, 11th, and 20th claws. Of course, these patterns are only known to the claw machine operators who set the claw machine, and they can change them at any time. However, there are also claw machines that are intentionally not set, usually on machines whose prizes are very difficult to get either because they are heavy, slippery, or moving.

In setting the claw machine, the operators, of course, already have their own calculation formulas. They are starting with the price of the prize, operational costs, to the profit that is the target. For real profit, claw machine operators do not need to set high targets because it’s not necessarily when the claws are in normal and strong conditions the prize can be obtained—many factors, from the skill of the player to the luck factor. And every player’s failure when the claw is strong will multiply the profits for the claw machine operator.

But there’s no need to worry about claw machine strategy anymore because now there are claw machines online. At the agen slot online pragmatic, Ice3bet, provides a variety of arcade games, including online claw machines with real cash prizes. The plus of playing claw money online, you don’t need any strategy! So you only need luck and deposited money for starters. So it’s much easier and more profitable to play online cash claw machines.

So don’t waste your quota looking for cheats or secret keys on claw machines on the Internet to get prizes. Because the only sure way to get rewards from the claw machine other than skills is to know the pattern that has been set by the claw machine operator you are playing.

How to Make Unicorn Dolls from Flannel

One of the most favorite toys for children is a doll. Even dolls are also popular with adults. Dolls have an infinite variety of shapes ranging from animals, cartoons, or humans.

Well, the most preferred form of dolls is animal-shaped dolls such as bears, cats, cows, and so on. The types of animal dolls are indeed adorable — one form of an animal that is quite popular when it is a unicorn.

Unicorn is a magical animal in the form of a horse with a horn on the forehead. Its existence has not been demonstrated scientifically. However, this animal is quite popular because of its beauty.

Not a few unicorn dolls that are marketed with so many sizes. However, it turns out you can make your unicorn doll, you know! You can make it with flannel fabric which is easy to find.

How to create a doll from a flannel cloth is quite easy and cheap. Flannelette itself is a suitable material for creating toys. The creations obtained by flannel are indeed unlimited. You can create a flannel cloth as a cute unicorn doll. Here are the techniques for making unicorn dolls that we got from Brightersides:

1. Prepare the Tools and Materials

The way to create a doll from the first unicorn-shaped flannel is to prepare the tools and materials needed. These ingredients are easy to find, maybe you already have them at home. The tools and materials are different between:

– Various colors of flannelette. Use white for unicorn bodies and Ferris colors for tails and manes. For horns, you can use yellow.
– Needle and thread
– Black marker or gel pen
– Pink highlighter
– Pattern and paper
– Scissor

2. How to make Unicorn Dolls: Create a Pattern

After the materials and devices are ready, make a pattern on a paper. Print the pattern above and cut it out to make some patterns that make up the unicorn.

Choose pieces of flannel, then use the pattern to arrange the unicorn parts. Trace the pattern with a marker or gel pen, and cut each piece neatly.

3. How to Make Unicorn Dolls: Start Assembling

Next, assemble the unicorn parts. You can start with the tail. The big white part is the base of the tail, and the 3 other small items are the 3 tail elements with different colors. Place the 3 tail elements separately at the base of the tail. The whole pieces must fit into place.

After that, take between the body pieces that will become the backside of the body, 5 round pieces that will grow hair for mane and horn.

Place the horn and haircut above the body piece like the one shown in the illustration, open it with the horn on the forehead, and the pieces of mine don’t overlap much behind it. Make sure there is enough overlap between small pieces and large body pieces where you will be able to sew or attach them later.

After that, move with other body parts that are the front part of the body of the unicorn, 2 parts of the ear and a half-circle of mouth.

Make a small gap in the element below the outer earpiece. Cover the sides of the gap and sew together. This will create the ear not to be much curved. Place the outer elements of the ear in the body pieces like the one shown in the picture, and place the elements in the ear above them. The round cut must match the location of the head or nose on the front side of the unicorn.

4. How to Make Unicorn Dolls: Start Sewing

Now you can start sewing pieces. You can also use fabric glue to attach the parts prepared in the previous steps.

If you prefer to sew like the one shown in the example, you can use simple stitches throughout the section to bring it together. You also need to sew detailed nose and eyes on the front body elements using the Feston stitch technique. To create a unicorn eye, you can reflect the eye first and then start forming it with simple stitches.

Next, place the front element of the body above the back of the body, making sure all parts fit neatly. Begin rounding the pieces from the front side of the body by sewing along the sides. Make a flat seam to make it look neat. Leave not many holes to fill the stuffed place.

5. How to make Unicorn Dolls: Enter the Field

Take the balance from the existing flannel cloth and cut it into small pieces. Fill the unicorn’s body with the flannel balance until it is full and soft. You can also use cotton or dacron as the stuffing for this doll. Then cover with the same stitch and lock stitch.

After sewing the closed end, use a pink highlighter to deliver the unicorn blush effect. Yippie and you have finished creating unicorn dolls!