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A Beginner's Guide to Collecting Anime Action Figures

Tips for Collecting Anime Figures for Beginners

Action figures are figures that can be moved because they have joint points on the legs, arms and head. These points are useful so that the pose of the figure can be adjusted as desired. In addition, action figures generally have additional accessories such as weapons or shields that can be assembled.

In the following, we summarize some tips for those of you who have a hobby of collecting action figures.

Pay Attention to Storage Methods

The first tip on caring for action figures is to pay attention to how to store them. Make sure that the action figure collection is not exposed to direct sunlight to protect the plastic layer and prevent the paint from peeling.

Then, don’t store action figures in damp or wet places because this can trigger mold growth. You can also put silica gel in the storage area. Finally, keep it in a closed place to avoid dust.

Be Diligent in Cleaning Your Collection

The second tip, take special time to clean action figures so that your collection is durable and long-lasting. Clean the dust with a soft brush or something like that. If there is dirt attached, clean it with a soft cloth and soap. Don’t forget to dry it with a cloth until it’s perfectly clean. Read also: How To Take Care of Your Action Figures

Wear Gloves When Touching Collections

Oil and sweat on your hands can stick to collectible action figures. To prevent this, you can wear gloves when handling your collection. You can also hold the base on the action figure.


Collector and founder of Toys Photography Indonesia, Rahmat Budiman, said that a must-have before starting to collect action figures is confidence. The belief in question leads to in fact action figure collectors who are addicted to collecting this one item, which means, once you buy it, it’s hard to stop. So, if you really want to collect action figures, you have to be sure first whether you are ready to be addicted.

Tell Your Partner

According to Rahmat, the hobby of collecting action figures can cause problems in household relationships. This is related to the relatively expensive price of action figures and the notion that old people should stop buying toys. So, if you want to start collecting, talk to your wife or partner first.

Prepare a Separate Budget

As already explained, because original action figures are relatively expensive, you have to provide a special budget to start collecting them. This hobby is quite a drain on income if the culprit is not careful in managing finances.

Don’t Credit

The fluctuating price of action figures makes it advisable not to buy them using a credit system. It’s a good idea to save up first and buy an action figure with a down payment system, so there will be a delay between the down payment and the repayment.

Pay Attention to the Condition of the Goods

If you want to buy action figures online, don’t forget to always check the ratings and authenticity, because it’s not impossible that the items being sold are fake. To overcome this, action figure buyers are advised to be more diligent in coming to shops and exhibitions.

Those are some tips on collecting action figures for your collectors and beginners. So, how many collections do you have? Something rare?

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