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Porcelain Dolls That Look So Real That They Look Scary By Russian Artist Marina Bychkova

Dolls may be regarded as toys, but in the right hands, they can be stunning works of art. Russian artist and jewelry designer Marina Bychkova, who lives in Canada, created a kind of doll with joints connected by a dazzling ball and intended for adults.

Marina wrote her call to create a doll since she was only six years old. She could not stand the drab, and that’s all mass-produced dolls, to the point that Marine began to create her toys that fit his idea of ​​beauty.

Finally, training at Emily Carr’s Institute of Art and Design influenced her to work on making her dolls as a career. Based on its creator, he named his brand after a singat story from Paul Gallico called “Enchanted Doll.” Fiski described in a great many of his works when Marina described it as genuinely knowing the characters like Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.

The dolls were created meticulously using high-quality materials, for example, porcelain, gold, silver, and even Swarovski crystals. This material helps create interesting and complicated elegance. Reflecting sensuality and tenderness, these dolls will stun anyone who sees them.

More than merely playing something, the Stuffed Dolls are gracefully carved and reveal the rich minds of art. Uniquely naked, carved or adorned in lavish carved costumes of precious metals, gemstones, and objects that are rarely found, each doll intricately reveals aspects of our humanity.

Unique and gentle, their shapes give rise to a strong emotional response, haunting you with their priceless possessions. All in a very innocent and sexual way, the Stuffed Dolls highly reflect images that are matched with the modes of femininity, while simultaneously reflecting on the naive life.

For some reason, they are not seldom seen as sad, as if they were trapped or locked in a place.

‘The reason I like creating dolls is that it is like a multidisciplinary art format. I am not a content to work solely in between mediums that are like painting or carving, and dolls offer me empiricism that is very diverse and can be felt satisfying. To create a doll, I had to do all this: carving, industrial design, painting, graver, creating prints, drawing, metalwork, fashion, and jewelry designs. I want all of that or nothing!” – Marina Bychkova.

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