Valentine's Nail Art Inspiration

5 Valentine’s Nail Art Inspiration for a Special Day

Valentine’s special day is almost here! Ah, I can’t wait to receive chocolates from my loved ones. But before you go on a date, don’t forget to change the color of your nail polish and decorate it, OK? Your date will definitely be more colorful. Tease him with sexy colors or make him fall more in love with sweet colors. You decide for yourself by looking at the 5 Valentine’s Nail Art inspirations for your special day below.

Cute nail art with candy or doodle models

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be taken too seriously, right? If for today you choose a playful date like going to the playground, sports together or a vacation to nature, you can choose a livelier nail look like these M&M candies. Maybe, you can also create your nails with a doodle on her face or a favorite game together. For example, if you and your boyfriend both like playing UNO cards, why not draw UNO cards on your fingernails? Anyway, Valentine is supposed to be fun. So, have fun!

1. Red Heart Never Die

It’s incomplete if you miss Valentine’s Day without a red heart-shaped ornament, right? You can apply it on your nails. Coat your nails with vitamins and a base coat first so that your nails are well cared for. Then take your favorite glossy polish which will make the skin of your hands look brighter. Choose the red color that most attracts your eyes. Then drag a diagonal line to the right and left to make a ‘V’. After that, trim it to form a heart concave indentation at the top. Your nails look so sweet. To make it even stronger, don’t forget to cover it again with a top coat.

2. Healthy Nails with a Clean French Manicure

If you want sweet nails, of course, French is the most appropriate nail art. If you are planning to go to the theatre, listen to classical music, have lunch at your favorite restaurant or take a trip through memorable places with your partner, this nail look is ‘you’. Don’t forget to trim the shape of your nails so you know exactly what white nail indentations you should make. Adjust the shape of your nails to your character so that your best charm shines perfectly, OK?

There are more beautiful nail looks you need to try on Valentine’s Day! See again below to find out the inspiration, OK?

3. Glitter for a More Glamorous Look

The glamorous look with glitter nail polish never goes stale. You can choose a dark base color for the maximum luxurious look. If you want to get a pearl-style nail look, choose a light base color with added silver glitter. No need on all nails. You can create on the right or left side only. Use aids such as nail art stickers. Apart from making the shapes you want to make more perfect, you can also keep your nail polish from falling apart. This nail look is perfect if you want to have a luxurious fine-dining meal with your partner on this Valentine’s Day which is full of surprises.

4. Metallic Nails are Certainly Eye-catching

If you have an adventurous spirit who likes to experiment, try using metallic nail polish for Valentine’s this time. Create a new atmosphere that is more edgy and less predictable. You can use this nail color wherever you are. Especially when you use metallic with a chameleon color alias that can change like blue, gray and green in the same nail polish. Create this color with a lighter, matching nail polish base color. Like metallic pink with red or metallic brown with peach orange.

Which nail art inspiration do you want to try?