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These Terms and Conditions are mandatory rules that you must obey when using our services, all contents on this page are absolute, and the consequences that occur when you violate is the termination of service unilaterally.

Service Content

All services you order at Oak Tree Dolls may only be used to fill in content that is legal in the realm of Australian and international law.

Content or files that violate the provisions of the law in Australia and internationally including those relating to:

  • Copyright infringement,
  • Pornography,
  • Fraud,
  • Illegal activities, such as hacking, cracking, carding, spam, and attacks (attacks).
  • The use of illegal content such as scripts, plugins, or pirated themes alias nulled.
  • The discrimination that ends SARA (Tribe, Religion, Race, and Intergroup),
  • Expressions of hatred, slander, threatening, abusive, harassing and provoking,
  • And other content that can harm Oak Tree Dolls and other parties.

All website content without exception that may disrupt the smooth operation of the service accidentally or unintentionally we have the right to take action to maintain the quality of our services.

All service activities ordered at Oak Tree Dolls are illegal in the realm of Australian law or harm third parties outside our responsibility. We are freed from the demands of those who feel aggrieved due to the content/files of services ordered at our place.

All customer website content is their responsibility, and we are not responsible when data is stolen due to customer error.